Every plan is but a base for changes 9 בMarch, 2010

Every plan is but a base for changes and my plan is no different…

After talking mom into accepting my “crazy” idea and getting her blessing (not without reservations) I am now forced to face reality. On Thursday Omer is celebrating his Bar-Mitzva, on Saturday Gilad is on call and I have not yet looked into Didi’s shifts – got the picture?

And above all – everyone I told about my plan – distance, days etc. offered to hospitalize me in a mental home. I was even asked whether on the way up the Jerusalem mountains we open stretchers (my answer was that in the special forces we carry the wounded on our backs e.g. 1X1 and not 4X1…)?

OK – I got the message. Need to re-think and after a deep thought – here is the updated plan.

Our path:

Detailed map

On the first day we are invited to Amir’s house (he even said he will let us use the hose in the garden ;-)
On the second night we meet Itai’s classmates in Omer’s Bar-Mitzva at Ben-Shemen (they come with a bus and we come on foot)
On the third night we meet friends on Burma road and the last night is devoted to family.
The fifth (and last) day Itai and I will spend in Jerusalem visiting sites of Israeli history and Jewish tradition.

Sometimes the way is the target but in our case the way is the means.

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