The land of Benjamin 25 בMarch, 2010

On our way to Kule forest we passed by Elad. The trail markings weren’t clear and so I overcame my masculine inhibition and asked the guard about the trail. He was busy praying and so did not answer but nodded me in the right direction.

We continued along the perimeter fence. The kids we met also claimed there is an exit gate. But… there wasn’t.

At a certain point we found a small opening under the fence and as we did not want to break the fence (as we saw others did in the very same spot) we wiggled our way through the narrow opening. By the way, in case you are wandering – the electric fence was working… unpleasant but not too bad.

After a short rest and lunch at Kule forest we continued in the views of the land of Benjamin. Pastoral scenery all around us – 20 meters in front a young dear hopping and behind us soldiers of the IDF training with explosives.


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