The first crisis – the second day 25 בMarch, 2010

We have awoken to the dawn of the second day with 2 major changes with regards to yesterday. To begin with the aches and pains, fatigue etc. of the first day did not vanish but in addition, the excitement and anticipation have faded.

On the global scale – both factors are against us. There is but one that can balance the equation – will power.

It wasn’t easy. At parts I had to carry Itai’s backpack (as well as mine). But he overcame and continued. When he got cramps – we stretched and continued walking.

The first hour was very tough but then we met my parents next to a natural spring and had breakfast together. Too bad the bag with the fresh bread they bought was forgotten at home…

No biggie… took us 5 minutes with the car to hop over to a coffee shop at Rosh Haain.

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