From the frying pan into the fire 24 בMarch, 2010

As most of you probably know, the road to maturity is filled with obstacles and pitfalls. About 3Km from Newe-Yarak (our resting spot for today) we ran into Kana stream – or more precisely sewer.

We were due to cross it over a bridge which turned out to be an Irish bridge and so we continued up-stream to where we could skip over some boulders to get to the other bank.

But as you probably gathered from the title – this was not the end of our ordeals as when we followed the trail it suddenly ended.

We spent the next hour following the traintracks and looking for a trail.

All’s well that ends well – we arrived, ate, showered and are (eagerly) waiting for tomorrow.

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    בתמונה אפילו נחל הביוב נראה מזמין…